Becoming a Coach

There are currently 3 organisations that offer coaching courses for those interested in becoming a coach.

Little Athletics ACT

The Introduction to Coaching course has been developed and written for parents, teachers and other interested people who have little or no experience of Track and Field Athletics. The 8 hour course covers all event groups on the Track and Field program.  The course is designed for beginner coaches who coach young athletes within the 5 to 15 years age range, providing training for them to coach under the guidance of an accredited coach.

To find out when the next coaching course will be offered in the ACT please contact the Senior Participate and Development Officer at

Athletics Australia

Athletics Australia are the accrediting body for all athletics coaches in Australia and courses are approved by the Australian Sports Commission National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS). This accreditation brings with it accountability to be up to date with current best practice as well as ensuring our courses are engaging and in line with the best adult education principles.

The Athletics Coach Accreditation Framework is designed to progressively introduce the coaching skills required to develop athletes from beginner to elite. In this way the coaching pathway mimics the athlete’s pathway.  The framework is designed to allow coaches of all levels to master their coaching, be it at the beginner level or the advanced level.

The skills delivered at each level are significant to that level of athlete.  For example, those coaching beginner athletes need to know how to coach the basic fundamental skills for that level, without giving them too many complex skills. Mastering the fundamentals is the most important task of a beginner athlete, laying a foundation for further development of technical skills.

For further details on the Athletics Australia coaches courses please click here. To find out when the next coaching course will be offered in the ACT please contact Senior Participate and Development Officer at

Australian Track and Field Coaches Association (ATFCA)

The Australian Track and Field Coaches Association initiated the Coach Accreditation Scheme in 1974.  Since the inception of the National Coaching Accreditation Scheme by the Australian Coaching Council in 1980, the ATFCA scheme was the only endorsed coaching framework recognised by the Australian Coaching Council. Our programs are largely practical with emphasis on better organisation of practice, appropriate methods of skill learning and development, correction of technique, appropriate conditioning methods and performance analysis. ATFCA programs are now approved by Fitness Australia with Continuing Education Credits (CECs) available.

For further details on the ATFCA coaching structure please click here.