2020 Cross Country Championships

I am pleased to advise that entries for the 2020 ACT Cross Country Championships are now open.

Hosted by Little Athletics ACT, Athletics ACT and ACT Masters Athletics Club on Sunday 23rd August 2020, the course is at the world-class Stromlo Forest Park course.

Due to current COVID-19 restrictions in the ACT, this event is only open to registered members with Little Athletics ACT, Athletics ACT and ACT Masters Athletics Club. For those who live in the ACT a wait list will be available. Please see below for further details.

This event will be conducted under COVID-19 restrictions in place at the time of the event to ensure everyone’s safety. We ask for your cooperation in following the rules that will be in place. We still anticipate that the event will be one not to be missed so make sure you get your entry in on time.

What event can I enter?

Due to the current COVID- 19 restrictions the program will be made available once entries close. The program will run from 9am to 3pm.

The Age Group Determinations are:

Born In Event
2014 (turns 6 this year) U6 500m
2013 (turns 7 this year) U7 1km
2012 (turns 8 this year) U8 1km
2011 (turns 9 this year) U9 1.5km
2010 (turns 10 this year) U10 2km
2009(turns 11 this year) U11 3km
2008 (turns 12 this year) U12 3km***
2007 (turns 13 this year) U14 3km
2006 (turns 14 this year) U16 4km
2005 (turns 15 this year) U16 4km
2004 (turns 16 this year) U18 Women 4km / Men 6km
2003 (turns 17 this year) U18 Women 4km / Men 6km
2002 (turns 18 this year) U20 Women 6km/ Men 8km
2001 (turns 19 this year) U20 Women 6km/ Men 8km
2000 (turns 20 this year) Open Men and Women 10km
30 years old to 69 years old on the day of the championship 8km- 5 year age brackets
70 years old plus on the day of the championship 6km- 5 year age brackets

*** Those born in 2008 will automatically go into the U12 event. However, if they wish to be selected in the Athletics ACT team to compete in the U14 event at the Athletics Australia National Championships, the participant will need to run in the U14 event. Please email executive@actlaa.org.au by the close of entries if the participant wishes to compete in the U14 event. If we do not receive an email advising of this change they will be placed in the U12 event. This cannot be changed on the day.

How Much Does It Cost?

Registered members: Little Athletics ACT, Athletics ACT and ACT Masters Athletics Club $10

Entries close:  9pm Thursday 13th August- no late entries or entries on the day.

How Do I Enter?

We ask that no one from a known hot spot for COVID-19 (e.g. Victoria or Western Sydney) enter this event. If you do register, we will not allow you to compete on the day. If new hot spots arise between the opening of entries and the event itself, refunds will be given to these people only.

Little Athletics participants

Participants currently registered with Little Athletics ACT (that is, competed during the 2019/2020 summer season) log into your ResultsHQ/Timing Solutions account at https://resultshq.com.au/Login/Index/. This will be the same log in details you used to register your child in September/October and where you log in to get your weekly results (if applicable). Once logged into ResultsHQ please go to the nominations tab  at the top of the screen. Click on the drop down arrow and follow the steps. Please note, if you do not pay the registration fee of $10.00 at the time of entry your registration, your registration is not complete and it will not be included. You will get a receipt once your entry has been successful processed.

If you cannot see the nominations tab or you are having issues, please contact Timing Solutions directly as they will be able to help. They can be reached on 1300 954 487.

If you live in the ACT but are not currently a member of Little Athletics ACT and wish to go onto the waiting list please click here.

*** Please Note: Due to COVID 19 restrictions currently in place, for athletes under the age of 18 there is a maximum of 1 parent/guardian per child in the venue during their event. A determination about coaches will be made once entries have closed***

What can I wear?

For a Championship, registered members must wear their club uniform. For Little Athletics, this includes the Coles badge and Age Group patch.

All Athletes will need to wear their 2019/2020 Registration Bib. For Little Athletics ACT and Athletics ACT this is the one with the Intersport logo on it. For the ACT Masters Athletics Club this is your club number.

If you do not have your number, please contact the relevant body before entries close.

When will the Program of Events be available?

The Program of Events will be available once entries close. It will be accompanied with the COVID-19 rules for this event. The program will run from 9am to 3pm.

Want to know more?

Please contact Little Athletics ACT on (02) 6247 1296 or executive@actlaa.org.au 

Looking forward to seeing you on 23rd August